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The Government of Indonesia Should Take Action to Improve, Strengthen, and Transparent on ISPO

Bogor, 22 December 2022 – Kaoem Telapak and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in the report “Creating Clarity-Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities in the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) Certification Scheme” which was published today, asked the Government to improve regulations and strengthen ISPO governance, and stressed the importance of transparency in ISPO implementation, if you want to ensure the positive impact of ISPO implementation in the economic, social and environmental sectors.

This report, which contains an analysis of the results of monitoring the implementation of the ISPO certification scheme after the issuance of Presidential Regulation No.44 of 2020 and Minister of Agriculture No.38 of 2020 concerning sustainable palm oil certification schemes, especially highlights the increasingly closed ISPO system despite the adoption of the transparency principle in the current ISPO standard.

Until now ISPO does not have a website or information system platform available to the public regarding the implementation of this certification scheme, which includes a list of certification holders and their certification status. In addition, there is no clear and specific provision regarding the obligation of certification bodies to publish a summary of their audit reports. The absence of this information makes it difficult for the public to participate in monitoring to assess the compliance of these companies, which in turn raises doubts about the credibility of ISPO…. (see document attached below to see the full content of the press release)

Report document can be accessed in here

see attached document



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