Fighting for ecological justice

Between Promises of Prosperity and Socio-environmental Impact; A journalistic Exploration of the Indonesian Oil Palm Industry

In 2022, Kaoem Telapak gave 22 journalists a fellowship to cover the current situation of the palm oil industry in Indonesia.

Through their writing, the journalists provide a clear picture of the current situation of the oil palm industry and plantations in Indonesia.
The Journalist highlights the workers’ and smallholders’ issues and the impact of palm oil estates on local communities and the environment.

Moreover, the journalists also revealed various community initiatives to repair their ecosystem and environment damaged by irresponsible industry. The book also covers smallholders who are practising sustainability for their plantations.

Authors : Agus Mawan, Agus Susanto, Asrida Elisabeth, Dedy Nurdin, Dian Wahyu Kusuma, Elviza Diana, Fahmi, Jon Afrizal, M. Sadli Saleh,
M. Sobar Alfahri, Putri Nurjannah Kurita, Reka Kajaksana, Riza Salman, Sarjan Lahay, Siti Sulbiyah Kurniasih, Suriani Mappong,
Tantowi Djauhari, Teguh Suprayitno, Vera Lusiana, Wahyu Chandra, Yael Stefany Sinaga, Zulfa Amira Zaed, Zulkifli Mangkau

Editors :Ridzki Rinanto Sigit, Rahmadi Rahmad, Sapariah Saturi

Translator : Agavia Kori

Pages : 205 Pages

ISBN : on process

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