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The Response of Indonesian Civil Society in Regards to the Agreed EUDR

As many as 44 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Indonesia expressed dissatisfaction with the results of the European Union’s trialogue regarding anti-deforestation regulations, commonly known as the European Union Deforestation..

Indonesian CSOs Joint Statement on EUDDR Proposal

In response to the EU anti-deforestation regulation, Indonesian CSO made up their statement regard to this process, which aimed to accommodate Indonesian perspective to it…
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IPLCs Monitoring Report

This interactive map showcases the curated information related to environment monitoring and fact findings reported by the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities IPLCs across Indonesia.

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Media Monitoring


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Past supports

On-going supports

Image 2 Section FnLG Illegal Logging

Illegal logging refers to the practice of cutting down, processing, and selling trees and timber products in violation of national and international laws and regulations. It involves activities such as unauthorized logging in protected areas, logging without proper permits or licenses, exceeding allowable logging quotas, and the trade of illegally sourced timber.

In fact, illegal logging has devastating effect to our life. It mainly contribute to the land degradation and the lost of habitats which depends on it. On top of it, it also involve organized crime and corruption into the action.

Kaoem Telapak is committed to actively monitoring, researching, and also coordinating with multi-stakeholders to contribute to the fight against illegal logging activities. To stop such action, we also developing an approach through livelihood programs to give an alternative source of income.

Kaoem Telapak is certified by NGOsource as equivalent to U.S. public charity under the International Revenue Service’s Equivalency Determination standards. NGOsource, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup, helps U.S. grantmakers streamline their international giving through easier equivalency determination.

Kaoem Telapak registered on US Bussiness Administration System ( with UEID: MUC1QNJ3S7X

Kaoem Telapak (Kaoem or KT) is an Indonesia-registered organization established in 2016 by former members of Perkumpulan Telapak (established in 1996). Kaoem’s departure from Telapak meant the commitment to stay true to the ideal and vision of the original organization, to lead the works together with local and indigenous communities and other stakeholders towards a just and sustainable management of natural resources in Indonesia. 

Based around hard-hitting video reports filmed over 20 years, news reports and contextual interviews, this documentary follows the partnership of two NGOs – EIA and Kaoem Telapak – to stop the illegal destruction of Indonesia’s forests by timber barons and criminal gangs.

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