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The Indonesian Civil Society Coalition Positively Welcomes the Initiative to Form a Joint Task Force: Emphasising the Importance of Transparency, Participation, Inclusion, and Accountability in Its Implementation

Indonesian coalition on EUDR consisting of CSOs, smallholders unions, palm oil labour unions, Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLCs) organisations, women and youth associations, representing the most vulnerable stakeholders who will be affected by the implementation of the European Union Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) in Indonesia, welcomes the joint initiative between Indonesia, Malaysia and the European Union to form a Joint Task Force (JTF).

Coalition believes that initiative to form a JTF will have a positive impact in increasing dialogue regarding traceability and transparency of agricultural commodity supply chains that are at risk of causing deforestation and forest degradation as regulated in the EUDR. Directly or indirectly, the future fate of smallholders, palm oil labourers, and IPLCs in Indonesia, will be greatly influenced by the agreement and action plan that will be formulated by the JTF.

However, as Coalition has been actively involved in monitoring, engaging and responding to the EUDR from the start, we deeply regret that the first consultation process carried out by the JTF parties on 4 August 2023 was held behind closed doors and was not inclusive. This action goes against the basic principles of democracy.

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