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The Yaf Kayam Market Officially Opens, a blessing for IPLC

Sorong, June 21, 2023, the Chairperson of the Tambrauw Regency DPRD, Yemias Sidik, officially opened the Yaf Kayam Market. The Market is in Wertam village, Bikar District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua. Yaf Kayam Market is a mini market managed independently by the Yaf Kayam Farmers’ Group, which are members of the Wertam village community.

Chairperson Of Kabupaten Tambrauw Legislative Assembly, Yeremias Sidik, officially opened the Yaf Kayam Market

“Yaf Kayam market can be an example of market development in the Land of Papua. There is no need for a big building,” said Sidik.

Kaoem Telapak, with the Permata program of Samdhana Institute, supports the development of this Market. Wishnu Tirta Setiadi, Vice President of Kaoem Telapak, revealed that the Yaf Kayam Market is an exciting example of the trading relationship between the Yaf Kayam Farmer Group in Wertam and other villages, both inside and outside the Bikar District.

Wishnu Tirta, Vice Presiden of Kaoem Telapak, gave opening speech

The Yaf Kayam Market opened its service in September 2022. In the past, this Market was plain. The member of the Yaf Kayam Group managed it on their own. In April 2023, the Market got its first renovation—the project aimed at building the Yaf Kayam Market.

The Yaf Kayam Farmer Group’s motto is to create jobs and break dependence on others to bless everyone. In line with this motto, the purpose of forming this Market is to develop group members’ economies and build a trading system or market access that connects agricultural products.

The Yaf Kayam Market develops residents’ products, not only agricultural products. This Market is a marketing space for local products to distribute coconut oil and marine for members of the Yaf Kayam members Farmer’s group and the general public.

Chairman of the Yaf Kayam Cooperative, Sephtianus Yapen, said the Yaf Kayam Market is proof that the community can be the leading actor in the buying and selling fish and agricultural products.

Initially, Yaf Kayam Market sold vegetables produced by Yaf Kayam Farmer’s Group members. Then, since January 2023, the Yaf Kayam Market has been growing and accepting sales of vegetables from other villages apart from members of the Yaf Kayam Farmers Group, such as Hopmare, Esmambo, Suau, Sunai, Bikar, Werbes, Werwaf and others.

Yaf Kayam Market starts operating every day, Monday to Saturday, from 07.00 to 24.00 Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT). This Market is open half-day on Sundays, from 15.00 to 24.00 WIT.


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