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Sekadau Moves Towards Sustainable Palm Oil Production

By: Olvy Tumbelaka

Kaoem Telapak on April 3 2023, then visited DKP3 or the Office of Food Security, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Sekadau Regency.

Through this meeting, Kaoem Telapak learned that the Sekadau District Food Security, Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Service (DKP3) supports sustainable and sustainable oil palm plantations.

DKP3 Sekadau welcome Kaoem Telapak

Drs. Sandae, M.Sc. The Head of the DKP3 Office said, “The strategy for developing oil palm in Sekadau Regency is no longer expanding plantations, but we are focusing on increasing the production of oil palm plantations.”

The DKP3 of Sekadau Regency also supports community-owned oil palm plantations through the Principal Program of the Sekadau Regent and Deputy Regent, Infrastructure, Plantation, Agriculture and Fisheries for Prosperity (IP3K). Through this program, DKP3 annually provides seed assistance to independent smallholders in the hope that oil palm seeds whose origins are clear can influence the effectiveness of oil palm plantation production.

Based on data provided by the Head of the DKP3 Sekadau Plantation Division, Ifan Nurfatria, the total area of oil palm plantations in Sekadau Regency is approximately 125,000 Hectares with an area of 90,000 Hectares of plantations kept by companies, which are business entities and the smallholders own the remaining areas, around 30,000 hectares. Based on the interpretation of the satellite image cover, 63% of the size of Sekadau Regency is a plantation permit.

DKP3 stated the Government commits to supporting palm oil smallholders

Drs. Sandae, M.Sc. The Head of the DKP3 Office also said, “Smallholder plantations are part of the government’s responsibility, so one of the focuses of our work is there.”

One manifestation of the government’s commitment to ensuring sustainable oil palm plantations is Regional Regulation No. 26 of 2022 concerning the Regional Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil 2021-2024, which SPKS Sekadau as a representative of independent smallholders in Sekadau District, also contributed in designing the plan.


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