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Preventing Diseases Using Butterfly Flowers

The charming blue makes this flower famous for its uniqueness. Its name is butterfly pea flower, or in its scientific name, it is called Clitoria ternatea. Europeans call it Butterfly pea. Scientists classified the flower as a legume type with economic value and health benefits. <br.
The butterfly pea flower originates from central South America, then the species has spread to the tropics since the 19th century, mainly to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

This plant is one of the shrubs that commonly grows in the open along roads and slopes. Butterfly pea flowers are naturally found in meadows, open forests, shrubs, river banks and other open places, and are vines on tree crops or yard fences.

About the morphology of the butterfly pea flower, this is a monocot plant with blue, white and brown flowers. The butterfly pea flower is a Hermaphroditus because it has stamens (male genitalia) and pistils (female genitalia), so it is often called a complete flower. have leaf buds. This flower only has a leaf stalk (petiolus) and a leaf blade (lamina). The root of the butterfly pea is a taproot. The flower seeds of butterfly peas look like a kidney; when they are young, they are green; when they are old, the seeds are black.

Rita Mustikasari, member of Kaoem Telapak

Easy to find, butterfly pea flowers are widely used, especially for health. Taking sources from the blog of Kaoem Telapak member Rita Sri Mustikasari or fondly called Itok, who is the founder of Martani Organik (Organic Martani is an independent business unit, namely in the form of trade in healthy food produced by assisted farmers which then expands to local farmers), it is stated on his blog page that if The famous butterfly pea flower has a variety of benefits (, including:

    1. Treat visual impairment with the content of phenolic compounds in the form of anthocyanins
    2. Removing toxins in the body
    3. Increase stamina
    4. High source of antioxidants
    5. Streamlining urine

Furthermore, Itok said that people use the butterfly pea flower as a traditional medicinal ingredient to cure eye diseases. “Because babies can’t yet rub their eyes with their hands, aids are needed. The usage of water soaked in the butterfly pea flower was massive. People use it to clean the eyes of babies,” she said in the Jumatan Kaoem (2/7/2021), she presented The Blessing of the Butterfly Pea Flower made farmers.

According to her, the butterfly pea flower is like any other medicinal plant, which both have good benefits for preventing disease in the body.

“When talking about benefits, it’s the same as we imagine ginger. Many people drink ginger, bitter and other medicinal plants to increase the body’s immunity. So now we have to choose what we want; we want to choose medicines from doctors or herbals from our ancestors. If I see the benefits of butterfly pea flowers like that, it is more directed towards prevention, for yourself, and changing lifestyles, “added Itok.

Nowadays, butterfly pea flower is sold commercially in dry form and is often marketed as butterfly pea flower tea. Butterfly pea flowers are also commonly used as a natural blue dye in food preparations


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