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LPVI Has a Significant Role in Dispelling the Undername SVLK

The Independent Verification Assessment Agency (LPVI) has a significant role in preventing the practice of undername SVLK. According to Zulfikar Adil, a representative from the LPVI Forum, this role can start from the first audit.

“At the time of the initial audit, we were able to get the insight of approximately how much export activity this company had,” Zulfikar said when interviewed by Kaoem Telapak on June 29, 2022.

Zulfikar Adil, Representative of The Independent Verification Assessment Agency (LPVI)

Then, Zulfikar mentioned several things that need to be considered by LPVI in the audit process to reduce the practice of undername SVLK.

“It shows from the receipt of what raw materials they obtained for the last three or twelve months. Then the production capacity,  the recovery rate,  the market data, and what their main products are,” said Zulfikar, who also holds the Director of LV Brik. Quality Service.

In the next stage, after the company has passed the audit and received a certificate, according to Zulfikar, the Timber Legality Verification Agency (LVLK) must conduct periodic evaluations. “LVLK should be able to evaluate at least monthly,” said Zulfikar.

The necessity for evaluation every month, Zulfikar argued, was because every month   V-Legal document was issued. After one month or three months, it checked whether there was regularity in the activities of the timber industry. “The Mill cannot produce one container this month, next month ten containers, no, there must be an orderly process,” he said.

Then, Zulfikli suggested that LVLK check the capacity of its industrial permits. The aim was to compare the suitability of the products with the industrial’s permit. “It’s only been three months, then why did the capacity of the industrial permit run out? Or why did it exceed? It can be a sign that they use undername SVLK,” said Zulfikar.

Zulkifli Adil at Kaoem Telapak’s FGD Discussing Solution for Undername SVLK

After that, the type of timber also needs to be checked. Based on Zulfikar’s observation, the companies that carry out undername SVLK  would receive various species timbers.  No clear pattern. “The industry must have a clear pattern. For the furniture industry, there were two dominant blocks of timber, mahogany and teak, so the wood furniture industry can’t be random,” said Zulfikar.

It is pivotal for LPVI to re-check historical records in the verification process. If any fraud was found during the process, Zulfikar suggested that the company conduct a special audit. “If there is an indication of undername SVLK then a special audit needs to be held,” he said.


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