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The Mutual Interest of Collaboration Start-up with Farmers

It is a common practice when farmers sell all of their crops to a dealer who comes to their garden. The dealer will buy all the commodities at a price determined by the dealer. If farmers do not have sufficient negotiating capacity, farmers will only comply with the dealer.

Thursday, 16 February 2023, Vice President of Kaoem Telapak, Wishnu Tirta, visited Saga Farm, organic farming in Ciarteun Ilir, Bogor Regency. The farm belongs to Putro Santoso Kurniawan, a member of Kaoem Telapak. This visit aims to see how the process of the first farm harvest. This first harvest was part of a marketing cooperation contract carried out by Putro with an agricultural start-up, PT Beleaf Farm.

Putro (left) dan Wisnu (right) discussed opportunity of collaboration start-up with farmers.

This start-up will assist the farmers who partner with them so that the products can meet the criteria according to work contracts. Then, they collected the farmers’ agricultural products. Next, the start-up distributed all products to retail stores. Pakcoy, caisim, and kale are the three commodities they collect from Putro’s garden. “PT Beleaf Farm is an agricultural start-up company that works directly with farmers as vegetable suppliers. For Putro’s farm, we accept caisim, pakcoy, and kale. Later we will distribute these commodities to various retail stores,” said Sutarjo, a PT Beleaf Farm representative who came to the harvesting process.

Putro admitted that in terms of quality, start-ups have strict criteria for farmers’ crops. Still, on the other hand, the opportunity to cooperate with start-ups provides benefits for farmers. “This collaboration opportunity certainly benefits farmers because farmers have a quota of vegetables needed by Beleaf, so we have to fulfil them both in quantity and quality,” Putro said.

Meanwhile, Wisnu sees a bright side to this collaboration. According to him, besides farmers being more focused on production, their governance has also become more robust to meet the quantity and quality of commodities. “The existence of partners who accommodate farmers’ products provides production certainty and stable commodity prices, so farmers focus on production. Farmers get organizational strengthening to meet the quantity and quality base on the contract,” said Wisnu.