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Tag: Illegal Logging

Indonesia’s legal system is failing to act against timber criminals, seriously undermining the country’s top-level efforts to tackle illegal logging and deforestation.

New research by Kaoem Telapak and our partner EIA reveal that action through the courts was taken against only a handful of companies out of more than 50 proven to have either traded directly or indirectly in illegal timber......
Demand for cheap timber in consuming countries such as Italy is driving the forests of the world to destruction. Italy is a member of the UN, G8 and the European Union and has repeatedly acknowledged the scale of this problem. It has made commitments to tackle the international trade in illegally sourced wood, but so far it has failed to honour these commitments. EIA and Telapak investigations have uncovered evidence that wood from an endangered tree species illegally logged in National Parks in Indonesia continues to be traded illegally through Italy and passed on unwittingly to other countries. The European Commission.....
in August 1999 Telapak and our partner published the The Final Cut, which revealed how the illegal logging at a commercial scale in Tanjung Puting and Leuser National Park has occurred, andwhat was aired to the billion tv viewers across Indonesia and the globe.

Tanjung Puting National Park is known as the only preserving area for the Orangutan habitat in Central Kalimantan.

Ten percent of the tropical forest in the world is located in Indonesia, and become a vital area home to unique biodiversity. Despite this fact, the systematic deforestation for the sake of profit in short term, hence accelerates the environmental.....