Indonesian NGOs Joint Statement: EU Fitness Check - Interim Finding Responses

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Indonesian NGOs Joint Statement
EU Fitness Check – Interim Finding Responses

Based on the multi-stakeholder forum attended by a number of CSOs, Ministerial representatives (Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as well as business associations to provide inputs and responses to the Fitness Check Interim Findings on 18 March 2020, a number of recommendations were expressed:

  1. Provide clarifications regarding the conclusion of the interim findings stating that VPAs do not have significant effect on reducing illegal logging in partner countries.
  2. Along with Indonesia improve the weaknesses in FLEGT licence scheme implementation in Indone- sia and EU’s VPA. For a licence scheme that has been in operation for only four years, it is no surprise that there are still problems in its implementation, both parties must be committed to seek solutions instead of ending the scheme.
  3. The EU must also fulfil its commitment and obligations as one of the parties, which is to fully support and promote FLEGT licenced timber as stipulated in Article 13 of the FLEGT-VPA between EU and Indonesia.

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