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The Case of Production Forest Projects in South and Central Kalimantan

One of the EU-Indonesia forestry cooperation projects investigated by Telapak and its local partners is the South Central Kalimantan Production Forest Project (SCKPFP) located in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. The 7-year project with a budget of 39 million Euros aims to build and apply a model of sustainable forest management in the forest concessions of PT Aya Yayang Indonesia and PT. Dwima Jaya Utama.

The field visit conducted by Telapak together with LPMA and Chopsticks in August 2004 in the project area in the Tabalong district of South Kalimantan aims to see firsthand how the project was implemented, the project’s relationship with its local counterpart and project success as stated in its progress report.

The results obtained by Telapak turned out to be far different from what was claimed by the project manager and the EU and Indonesian governments. Project implementation is not carried out in a participatory manner where the involvement of the parties, especially the community living around the project area, is very limited. The local government as the project’s local partner does not feel that it has enough knowledge about the project and also does not feel involved in project monitoring and evaluation.

Author: Telapak
Language: Indonesia and English


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