Fighting for ecological justice

As member-based organization, we believe every our movement can contribute for better future, especially for our generation a years to come.

Latest Update

The charming blue makes this flower famous for its uniqueness. Its name is butterfly pea flower, or in its scientific name, it is called Clitoria ternatea. Europeans call it Butterfly pea. .....
Every morning Putro Santos Kurniawan or Putro (43), is riding his two wheeler to his farm for 30 minutes from his residence. The farm lies in Ciareteun Ilir village, Cibungbulan Sub-District, Bogor Regency, West Java. This activity has been carried out for the last 15 years.
Putro is a successful farmer with 1.3 hectares of land and employs 4 persons. His farm is filled with various vegetables such as spinach, kale, choy sum, okra and several other types of vegetables. Half of the land is planted with organic corps. The yields are enjoyed by themselves and most are sold, some go.....

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