Forest & Land Governance

Deforestation in Indonesia through illegal logging and forest conversion to cash-crop plantations is a major crisis, overseen by large international companies or transnational criminal gangs. We investigate and expose the criminals, the illegal timber flows and the corruption which facilitates forest crime, using domestic and international laws to press for action and further reduce the scale of deforestation.

The Problem

The major driver for forest lost are palm oil plantation, mining and high demand for high-value hardwoods that utilize unstustainably.

The logging of hardwoods has become industrialised in many countries in the region; logging companies and gangs now have the capacity to move into a forested area and rapidly extract all available hardwoods. These selective logging operations are typically run by large companies or criminal syndicates with strong links to the military and government; once they move into a rural community, this can have adverse and far-reaching impacts on existing social structures, communal land tenure and traditional sources of livelihood. Additionally, despite being some of the most vulnerable people within these rural communities, enforcement action is usually targeted at this same demographic as the easiest part of the trade chain to apprehend because their arrest is unlikely to result in political repercussions.


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